How to Find the Perfect Scent For Your Home Design Style

Your home scent is one of the first things people notice when they walk into your space — so you want to make sure it represents you well! Whether you’ve gone for a minimal and clean vibe or a bohemian style with lots of plants and textures, the scent you choose for your home ties each room together and makes your space feel purposeful and themed. 

Read on for tips on how to match popular design themes to a corresponding scent, and an infographic to tie it all together.

1. Minimalism 

Minimalism is an ode to clutter-free spaces. Most people think of light tones like whites, tans and beiges, with very little furniture and no knick-knacks. Minimalist design calls for getting rid of unnecessary belongings, focusing on the “less is more” concept. 

This design style calls for a fresh, simple scent from a subtle diffuser. Stick to peppermint, eucalyptus or other classics. 

Recommended fragrance for minimalist interior design

2. Coastal

The coastal design is all about celebrating the beach, whether you live near it or not. Think shades of blues and whites, accented reds and seashells throughout. Striped blankets and large beach photos can drive home this interior design theme and make your house feel like it’s surfside. 

Incorporate beachy, fresh scents like linen, sea spray and rain to add that touch of ocean to your room.

Recommended fragrance for coastal interior design

3. Scandinavian

The Scandinavian style celebrates Europe, warmth and coziness. White walls, light wood interiors and cozy fabrics define this style, which is all about creating functional and serene spaces to enjoy your daily life. Accent the simplicity of your furniture with plants, family photos and large books for reading on the coffee table. 

To create a similarly warm atmosphere through scent, try smoky incense to give your home the cozy feeling of winter at all times. 

Recommended fragrance for Scandinavian interior design

4. Bohemian and Jungalow

Bohemian and jungalow style invite bold colors, contrasting patterns and fun artistic design elements to create a totally unique space that will satisfy creative minds. Fill your space with interesting art, lots of textiles and plants wherever you can fit one to create your own free-spirited jungle at home.

Mossy, earthy and floral fragrances complement the bohemian style. Think candles or air fresheners that smell like moss, jasmine or rose. 

Fragrance recommendation for boho interior design

5. Industrial and Rustic

The industrial or rustic style became popular when old factories were converted into apartments, leaving behind exposed beams and original brick walls. This style is all about utility and function, and emphasizes a building’s original bones in the design style. Decor for this theme is typically made of metal or dark woods, and is similarly clean and attention-grabbing. 

A woodsy scent pairs well with this masculine theme. Think cedar or sandalwood, of patchouli incense burning to create a similarly earthy mood. 

Recommended fragrance for industrial and rustic interior design

For more tips on picking a fragrance for your interior design style, check out this infographic: