Sleep Scandinavian – Drop the Top Sheet

What does it mean to sleep Scandinavian? It means simplifying your nightlife.

Scandinavians sleep under a duvet with a duvet cover on it. Nothing else. No thick blankets. No layers upon layers of sheets and quilts and throws and what-have-you. No tucked-in top sheets that start out like a straitjacket but soon end up at the foot of your bed exposing you to layers last washed before the fall of the Berlin Wall. We sleep with a duvet with a duvet cover on it – and that's it.

At the Modern Dane we upgraded this Scandinavian simplicity with nature-inspired designs and sustainable European linen. What's more, our linen duvet covers are simple to wash and only become softer and ever more gentle against your skin with every wash. And, our covers include buttons and inside ties so that they are a snap to take off and put back on.

We invite you to embrace the Scandinavian way of sleeping. Declutter your bed and upgrade to sustainable Scandinavian sensibility. Drop the top sheet, sleep Scandinavian and live beautifully with The Modern Dane. Get your duvet cover set.

Scandinavian bed making