Can a Duvet Cover Be Used on a Comforter?

The short answer: absolutely!

A comforter—as opposed to a duvet—is technically designed to be used without a cover but with a top sheet instead. A comforter is often made with a fashion fabric exterior that isn’t meant to be covered, and is usually constructed with less fill than a duvet insert. 

A comforter’s main disadvantage however? It’s difficult to keep clean. A top sheet will keep the underside protected (until it slips off in the middle of the night...), but the outer layer is exposed to both your body and the elements. A comforter’s typical fashion fabric exterior may hide dirt and grime, but it’s still there. And many comforters are too large to wash and dry in residential machines.

Enter the duvet cover, which can keep your comforter much cleaner, and is easy to add to the laundry along with your sheets and pillowcases. And there’s no need to buy a duvet to enjoy the benefits of the duvet cover. If you've been using a comforter up until this point, just slip your new duvet cover over it and you're good to go!

Organic European linen duvet cover in modern Scandinavian design with oak leaves and acorn design

An important tip: make sure you find the right size duvet cover. A comforter is often sized to hang over the sides of the bed, while a duvet is designed to overhang only slightly—giving your bed a more modern, clean-lined look. To find the right size cover for your comforter, be sure to measure the length and width before purchasing. Duvet covers from The Modern Dane are made to fit a range of sizes, and are large enough to fit most comforters. Make sure you check out our size chart and measure your comforter the ensure a good fit.

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